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Is your health your top priority?

As the years tick by, our lives seem to be getting busier and busier. Maybe it’s a generational thing; we are living in the age of immediate gratification after all. Or maybe it’s always been this way – but in today’s digital climate, we’re more connected than ever before, which means we’re more aware that others are in the same boat, too.

Whatever the cause, “busy” seems to be the go-to response these days for when someone asks after your well being. And, unfortunately, health seems to be pushed down to the bottom of life’s to-do list as a result.

Whether it’s mental health or physical health – could you honestly say that you are looking after yourself as best you possibly can? We’re guessing that the answer is no. So, it’s time to do something about it.

Pushing those niggling health issues aside won’t help in the short-term – and certainly not in the long-term, either. That recurring chest pain or that bothersome rash could be easily solved if only you made time to sort it out.

There are a few small ways that you can help yourself each and every day;

  1. Eat right – and take time out to do so. Making the right food choices and eating on a regular basis means getting the right nutrients into your body, when you need them – and will give you more energy and brainpower to get through the rest of the day.
  2. Manage stress by taking some deep breaths or a short walk.
  3. Get in those 30 minutes of exercise every day; it doesn’t have to be an intense workout to be helpful.
  4. Chat with a friend to de-stress and improve your mood and mindset; a quick 10 minute natter can do wonders.
  5. Get those Z’s! Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep per night to remain rested and relaxed.

In addition to these daily must-do’s, a regular check up with your doctor is vital. We are now offering comprehensive health checks for men and women, coordinated by our Men’s Health Clinic and our Women’s Health Clinic respectively.

These check-ups are tailored to you because, after all, everybody is different, and no two health checks should be the same.

The checks cover anything and everything. For men, this could be a prostate check, advice on weight and cholesterol management or coping with depression and anxiety.

For women, the check could include a breast check, a chat about menstrual issues and menopause management or assistance with UTIs and endometriosis.

We get it – we are busy. But don’t let that get in the way of a quick 30-minute health check-up. We have availability in both clinics, so get booked in and get your health in tip-top condition.

The appointment costs a small fee of $35 for Medicare holders. So what are you waiting for? Prioritise your health and book in for a health check up by calling (02) 4861 3855 or by booking online at www.wsgp.com.au.