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Reducing our carbon footprint in 2020

As an Aussie small business, we believe it is vital that we consider our carbon footprint each and every day.

So what exactly is a carbon footprint? According to takepart.com, it is the amount of greenhouse gases – primarily carbon dioxide – released into the atmosphere by a particular human activity.

This is especially important in this current time with the bushfire crisis still raging on across our country.

ABC News explains that climate change has played a huge role in the bushfires because it is making Australian wildfires larger and more frequent because of its effects on dryness and fire weather.

It is not only up to each of us as individuals but also as businesses and as a wider community to consider ways to reduce the environmental impacts of the human race.

We have been reflecting and assessing how we at Walker Street General Practice can do just that and we’d love to share these strategies with you. Not only would we like to raise awareness, but perhaps they are tactics you can consider adopting in your own home.

Here are the 5 key areas we have been focusing on and will continue to improve in the coming months.


  1. Walking/cycling to work or carpooling

To reduce the fossil fuels we release into the atmosphere, we’ll be making a conscious effort to walk, cycle or car pool to work. Not only will this help with our green initiatives – it’ll also help us get in some valuable exercise which is very good for our health.


  1. Recycling – properly!

We believe it’s vital to minimise excess waste wherever possible. We strive to reduce the amount of plastic packaging we use for our medical supplies and we will be recycling these efficiently and effectively after they are finished with. This includes using online forms wherever possible to reduce paper wastage. We are currently reviewing our processes to ensure we are using less paper and more electronic formats.


  1. Less aircon, more fresh air

Our whole team will be working to ensure we use our air conditioning only when we need it. This means having it turned on only in rooms that are being used and making sure it is switched off before we lock up for the evening. Occasionally you may notice the practice doors open to allow for fresh air and reduce air-conditioning use when suitable.

In the near future, we would like to move our electricity source to solar power.


  1. Implementing accountability

Change doesn’t just happen. It requires teamwork. That’s why we will be conducting regular check-ins to see how the team is tracking with our listed initiatives and to see how we can assist their individual efforts.


  1. Speaking up

As a trusted member of the community, WSGP is a go-to source of information. We have a voice and we aim to use it wisely. We shall be doing our best to educate our staff, stakeholders and patients about the small changes we can each make that can have a big difference.


There are many more ways to reduce one’s carbon footprint and this list is not extensive. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please call us at any time on 02 4861 3855.