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Top tips for a healthier Christmas

For most of us, December is jam-packed with Christmas parties – usually featuring a whole lot wine, cheese and chocolate. This time of the year also means a change to our usual schedule and, often, less exercise than usual.

These unhealthy habits are temporary – but that doesn’t mean you should be excessive. Moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle so we’ve compiled some top tips to stay healthy this holiday season.

Print it out, stick it on the wall and you’ll have a constant reminder that health is an all-year round concern – not just when you feel like it.


  • Walk it off

If you have friends or relatives visiting you for an extended period over the break, spend some quality time together with a brisk walk outdoors. You’ll get time to chat, get some fresh air and get some light exercise in whilst you’re at it!


  • Water on the regular

Alcohol is a given in a social setting. Pace yourself with your drinks by having a glass of water in between each beverage. This will keep you hydrated (and may also help you to avoid that hangover the next day!)


  • Stock up on the veg

Christmas dishes and party food don’t always have to be about carbs and sugar. Get some extra nutrients into your Christmas dinner by piling up on veggies rather than extra meat – or try popping some grated carrots into your homemade sausage rolls to err on the healthy side!


  • Backyard bowls

Outdoor games are an Australian staple in the summertime. Get the whole gang together for a game of backyard cricket or volleyball and get your heart pumping! Exercise that doesn’t really feel like exercise – winning!


  • Take some time out

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – mental health is just as important as physical health. If you’re lucky enough to have extended time off work, spend it wisely. Take some time out for yourself by doing what makes you feel good – whether it’s reading a book, doing a yoga class or going for a swim at the beach. Recharge and relax!


  • Think before you eat

Food is all around us at Christmas time. Party snacks are so easy to keep nibbling on, even when you’re not hungry – and this can be dangerous. Before you pick up that extra handful of potato chips or that extra slice of pavlova, think to yourself: am I even hungry? Drink a glass of water, give it 20 minutes and re-assess.


That completes our list of 6 tips for a healthier festive season. Whilst you shouldn’t ban yourself from the occasional treat, it’s worthwhile to think twice about what you’re consuming.

We’ll be closed for the break on 25th and 26th December and again on 1st January but we’ll otherwise be very much open and available for bookings as usual.

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