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Treating Anxiety the Natural Way

Several people face chronic stress and anxiety, and some of the symptoms include agitation, tension, nervousness, and a racing heart. Anxiety, is in fact, one of the most common mental health problems. There are several natural remedies anyone could adopt on a daily basis to treat anxiety and stress, and they are described as under:


Exercise is indeed the top recommendation when it comes to treating stress and anxiety. Studies do reveal that exercise is found to have an effect in reducing anxiety and improving one’s mental health.


Several plant oils that come with soothing aroma will help ease the symptoms of anxiety and stress. Some scents would work better on some people than others, hence explore the available options and see which one suits for you. Aromatherapy would also be helpful for those with sleep issues as well.

Relaxation Exercises:

In response to anxiety, some people tend to inadvertently tense the muscle and clench the jaw. This is when relaxation muscles could help. Lie down and start to slowly contract and relax each of the muscle groups. Start with the toes and go up to the shoulders and jaw.


Meditation makes it easier to control stress and anxiety as it could slow down racing thoughts. There are several kinds of meditation styles to try out, such as yoga, mindfulness, and more. Meditation has been found to be increasingly popular, as it is found to be beneficial in treating people with mood and anxiety disorders.

Write Down Your Thoughts:

A significant way of managing anxiety is by expressing it. And one of the best ways to do so is to maintain a journal or other forms of writing. Writing down your thoughts and feelings will help people to deal with the situation in a better way. A study has also revealed that creative writing has helped teens and children in controlling anxiety.

Spend Time with Your Pets:

Spending time with pets has indeed been proven to help control mental issues including anxiety. Pets offer you love, support, and companionship. While many prefer to choose dogs, cats, and other small animals, those with allergies shall have a pet that doesn’t have to be furry. Interacting with your pets is proven to enhance one’s psychological health, and stress related to trauma.

Time Management:

Proper planning through effective time management strategies will help people to deal with their responsibilities more efficiently. This will help those who feel anxious about having too many commitments at a time.

Talk to any one of our Bowral doctors who may refer you to the mental health professional team at the Bowral community health centre (Wingecarribee Community health centre) at 20 Bendooley street, next to the Bowral library. The team consists of a visiting psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, community nurses and social workers.