Antenatal Clinic

Visit our Bowral medical practice.

At Walker St General Practice we offer specialised women’s health, reproductive health and pregnancy care services.

Our team of female doctors have a varied collection of skills set and experiences in areas including reproductive and sexual health, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and Shared Antenatal Care.

Antenatal Clinic Bowral

We have developed a comprehensive set of services to offer support in the areas of:

Preconception Counselling and Checks

Six week post-natal health and wellbeing checks

Support for mothers and their bubs through our women’s health group (Facebook)

Antenatal Shared Care with the Bowral & District Hospital

Newborn & infant care;


Since the opening of the clinic, we have received several questions from expectant mums about the clinic and how it all works. Below you’ll find some FAQs about the WSGP Antenatal Clinic that may assist you – but if you don’t see your answer here, get in touch with the team on 02 4861 3855 – as always, we’re here to help!

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