Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do in case of emergencies?

For life-threatening conditions, always call 000. For other urgent medical attention, please call us on 4861 3855.

Disabled parking is available as well as step-free access into the practice. We also have a wheelchair available to assist with patient transfer from transport to the practice. Please let our wonderful reception team know in advance and they will be able to help you.

On-site & disabled parking is available. This is shared with the other health services, so we recommend allowing plenty of time before your appointment. There is also off-site parking along Walker, Funston and Bowral Streets and at nearby supermarkets Harris Farm and Aldi.

How can I get a medical certificate?

A medical certificate is a legal document. As such, you must make an appointment to see our doctor to be issued a medical certificate.

Can I call my doctor?

Our doctors do not accept patient phone calls during consulting hours as it can disrupt the doctors’ concentration and contribute to appointments running overtime. However, special considerations may be made depending on the circumstances. You may be asked to leave a message and your call may be returned by a doctor or a member of the team.

What is your privacy policy?

We adhere to the Australian Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 and the NSW Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002. The health privacy principles describe what we must do when collecting, holding, using and disclosing health information. You can read our privacy brochure here.

I’m an existing patient, why do you still ask for too much information?

In order to ensure we identify our patients correctly, you will be asked to verify your name, address & date of birth each time you book an appointment

I am not a native English speaker, what should I do?

Except in emergency situations, patients who are unable to speak English are encouraged to use the services of an interpreter rather than a friend or family member during the consultation. Please tell the receptionist if you need an interpreter to be booked and ask for a longer appointment. We use Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) and AUSLAN to communicate over the phone with our patients who are deaf.

How can I get a copy of my Vaccine Records?

Proof of your COVID-19 vaccination will be recorded on your immunisation history statement after you’ve had your vaccine. You can get this through the following channels:

How can I get a copy of my Vaccine Records using my Medicare Online Account?
  1. Sign in to your myGov account and choose Medicare.
  2. From the Immunisation history section, click on the View statement
  3. Choose your name
  4. Click on View history statement (PDF)
How can I get a copy of my Vaccine Records using my  Express Plus Medicare App?
  1. Open the app and sign in
  2. From the Services section, choose Immunisation History
  3. Choose your name
  4. Click on View history statement (PDF)
How can I get a copy of my Vaccine Records through the Australian Immunisation Register?
  1. Call the Australian Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809 between 8 am-5 pm, Monday to Friday.
  2. Ask them to send your immunisation history statement to you. It can take up to 14 days to arrive by mail.

If you need an interpreter, please call the Telephone Interpreter Service (TIS) on 131 450.

What if I don’t have a Medicare card?

If you don’t have a Medicare card, you can get your immunisation history statement from My Health Record.

  1. Sign in to your myGov account and choose My Health Record
  2. Choose your name
  3. From the Documents section choose Immunisations

For more information on how to access your immunisation history statement, go to

What are recalls?

Notifying you of test results and upcoming recalls is an important part of our commitment to your overall health. Patients may now receive SMS reminders from us for upcoming appointments, reviews, assessments, or test results. All messages are sent from the dedicated number: 0427 074 964

How will you protect my privacy?

We will not divulge sensitive information, only whether you need to be seen.

What if I don’t want to receive SMS?

You may opt out of this service by replying “Stop”. Doing this will stop ALL appointment reminders, recalls and results, and we will instead send letters and/or call you on the telephone. As a result, you will only receive a telephone call regarding your test results if a doctor requires you to see you.

Speak to our friendly reception staff for further information.

Can you ask the doctor to get the imaging/radiology provider to bulk bill my scan?

Radiology providers have their own billing policies. Please discuss your needs with your Radiology provider during your consultation.

I have received a text saying I am due for a blood test but I don’t have a form. Can the doctor please just print one for me?

No, you will need to book an appointment with your GP if you do not yet have a form for your blood test.

Do I need to book my blood test?

There is no need to make an appointment for most blood tests, but some specialised tests need one. Your GP will tell you if you need an appointment for your test.

Can I get my results over the phone?

Yes, but only through a TeleHealth appointment will the details of your results be discussed.

I received a text saying I need to make an appointment to discuss my results?

Yes. Test results are reviewed by your GP, and some may require discussion and action. You can book an appointment by calling the practice or online via Automed or through our website.

How do you process the test results?
  1. Your doctor will review your results;
  2. Your doctor will decide if your results are urgent, need follow up, or if no action is needed; then
  3. We will send you a secure SMS letting you know whether or not you need to return to your doctor within 3 business days. For urgent concerns, we will give you a phone call.

Please book an appointment online if your doctor hasn’t requested a follow-up consultation and you are still experiencing symptoms. The reception staff cannot read out your results to you over the phone for privacy reasons.

Do I need an appointment for a referral?

Yes, you need an appointment for your referral. In order for your referral to be appropriate, your doctor must ensure that the medical information about you presented to the referred practitioner is current. It is also possible that your doctor will need to order tests before your specialist appointment to ensure that safe and effective treatment will be provided.

You can book either a face-to-face or TeleHealth consultation.

Can the doctor change the name on my referral?

If you need to change anything on your referral (particularly to who a referral is addressed due to the unavailability of the referral that was previously addressed), please send a request for a Referral Amendment to [email protected]. If you’re changing specialists, please include their details in the request.

This is free of charge.

However, if a 2nd opinion is requested you need an appointment to discuss this with your doctor

Can the doctor backdate my referral so I get a Medicare rebate?

No. It is illegal for a doctor or GP to backdate a referral. Before making an appointment with a specialist, please make sure that you have a valid referral.

How long does my referral last?

A referral lasts for 12 months starting from the date of your first consultation with your specialist.

How do I arrange a referral to a psychologist?

You will need to book an appointment with your GP to assess your mental health and another appointment to create a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan, if appropriate.

My allied health provider (eg. physiotherapist, podiatrist, chiropractor) has asked me to get a care plan and EPC referral for their services. How do I do this?

Please check in with your doctor about GP Management Plan options. Not every person is eligible for Medicare standards that we comply with.

Can I order repeat referrals copies of lost referrals?

Repeat specialist referrals and copies of lost referrals are available if:

  1. You lost your referral within the last two weeks and need a new copy.

Your doctor will review and process your request within three business days. For urgent requests, please book a telehealth appointment or an in-person consultation with your doctor.

How it works
  1. After you submit your request, your GP will review your medical history and check if you are eligible for a repeat referral.
  2. Once your request is confirmed, you can choose how you would like to receive your referral: 
    • Via email;
    • Via fax (sent to your specialist); or
    • Direct pick-up from the practice.
  3. To finalize your request, you need to provide your credit card details. Your credit card will only be charged if your request is approved.
  4. You will receive a secure SMS update regarding the status of your request, within 3 business days. If your request is denied, you will be asked to make an appointment.
Do I need an appointment to get a script?

Yes, you need an appointment with your GP to get a script. It is important that your doctor review your medical history and ensure that the prescription you receive is appropriate and that any required monitoring is up to date (e.g. blood pressure checks, blood tests). You can either book a face-to-face or a Telehealth consultation.

Can I call or email a question about my medication?

Please book an appointment with your GP if you have questions about your medications or medical care.

Where can I get my script?

We can either send it to your phone or email via eScript, fax it to your pharmacy, or you can pick it up here at the practice.

Find out more here.

Our dedicated staff is committed to providing you with the best care possible. We kindly ask that you interact with them respectfully and respectfully. We maintain a strict zero-tolerance policy towards rudeness, intimidation, aggression, and violence to ensure a safe and welcoming environment.

Please be aware that engaging in such behavior may result in being asked to leave our facility, and in some cases, it could impact our ability to continue providing care for you.

Need Emergency Help?

In the case of an emergency, please call 000. For after hours care our existing patients can call 0421 303 307