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Our Services

The doctors at Walker St General Practice are highly experienced and offer a wide range of general health services. 

Many of our practitioners have extensive hospital-based experience as well as specialising in a particular area of expertise. 

contact us on 4861 3855 or book online.

General Practice

Bowral Medical Centre

Book an appointment to discuss your health concerns with one of our Walker St doctors. You can expect empathetic care from a highly skilled general practitioner.

Women's Health

Women’s Health Clinic Bowral

We offer advice and management on a wide range of women’s health issues, including breast checks, cervical screening tests, pregnancy and family planning.

You can also visit us for one of our innovative ‘Well Women’ Health Checks.

Antenatal Care

Antenatal Clinic Bowral

You need the caring support of a medical professional during your pregnancy. You will be in good hands from the earliest indication of conception at Walker St General Practice.

Men's Health

Men’s Health Clinic Bowral

We offer advice and management on a wide range of men’s health issues, including prostate checks, sexual health, weight and cholesterol management, and depression and anxiety.

Skin Cancer Checks

Skin Cancer Clinic Bowral

Skin checks should be a regular practice and are important for the early identification and management of moles and lesions that may be cancerous. The Walker St doctors offer specialised services in this area.

Aged Care

General Health Services

We offer elderly health checks, including over 75s health assessments, vaccinations, aged care facility and home visits. We work with pharmacists to optimise medication management.

Children's Health

Bowral Medical Centre

Introduce your child to the friendly team of doctors at our Walker St practice or call to schedule a childhood immunisation.

Mental Health

General Health Services

Our doctors are experienced in managing mental health disorders, including anxiety and depression, adjustment disorders, stress management and more. We work closely with other mental health providers as necessary to optimise your mental health care.

Cosmetic Services

Feeling beautiful about your skin can do wonders about your mental and overall well-being. Book an appointment now with Dr Jonker.

Chronic Disease Management

General Health Services

We serve many residents of aged care facilities and are well versed in management of chronic conditions including but not limited to diabetes, emphysema, osteoporosis, renal conditions, cardiac conditions, asthma, arthritis and chronic pain. 

We understand that patients may have a combination of these and are well equipped to manage conditions while liaising with a multidisciplinary team.

Repeat prescription & Renew referral

If you are an existing patient of Walker Street General Practice you can now order a repeat prescription or renew a referral.

Circumcision Clinic

General Health Services

We offer virtually painless circumcision for baby boys, as well as procedures for older boys and adult men.






Need Emergency Help?

In the case of an emergency, please call 000. For after hours care our existing patients can call 0421 303 307