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Are you planning for a baby – or are you already pregnant? We have some news for you.

Our Antenatal Clinic, located right here in Bowral, offers you the perfect way to prepare for the arrival of your little one.

The Clinic is led by Doctor Amanda Hipwell, who is a Bowral District Hospital Antenatal Shared Care Provider. You can be rest assured that she will be with you on your pregnancy journey every step of the way giving you thorough and compassionate care, without having to pay the specialist price tag.

Book in for your first appointment today by giving us a call on 4861 3855. And in the meantime, check out our top five tips for women to take on board before (or during) pregnancy:

  1. See Doctors Amanda Hipwell and Natasha Hill before your pregnancy

If possible, try and book in for your first visit with our antenatal clinic before trying for a baby. We will be able to give you a personalised health plan to ensure a safe and smooth pregnancy.

  1. Nutrition is number one

It’s true what they say ‘you are what you eat’. And the same holds for your little one when you are pregnant. Pay attention to your diet before, during (and even after) your pregnancy – especially if you are experiencing “morning” sickness. Eating the right foods, at the right time of day, can help to minimise nausea and improve your pregnancy experience

  1. No-no to nasty chemicals

Coming into contact with harsh chemicals can be potentially damaging to your fetus (and you!) This could mean changing up your household chores (sorry dad!), putting off that manicure or leaving the gardening until a later a date. A small price to pay for your number one priority – your health!

  1. Get your heart pumping

It may be the last thing on earth you feel like doing – but getting your feet moving whilst pregnant can do you (and bub!) a world of good. Try some light exercise like walking or yoga to help reduce stress, improve mood and control your weight. The benefits are endless!

  1. Back to school

Pregnancy can be a scary time – especially if it’s bub number one! The best thing you can do is to educate yourself – whether that’s through reading, a pregnancy class or by visiting your local Bowral doctor here at WSGP.

This list is certainly not extensive – and there are many other ways to make sure your pregnancy journey is smooth sailing. What’s more, each and every woman is totally different, and antenatal care can vary from person to person.

That’s why it’s vital you have a local doctor you can trust. Our role is to see you for initial confirmation of pregnancy, arrange blood tests and ultrasound scans and arrange referrals where necessary. From there, we will book you in for monthly appointments, increasing to fortnightly and weekly as you reach your final trimester – in coordination with the hospital where necessary.

Give us a call on 4861 3855 to discuss your needs and to book in for your first appointment. We look forward to seeing you and taking care of you.

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