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move for movember

Make a move for Movember

It’s an unfortunate fact that men often push aside those niggling health concerns – even more than women do! As we age, we are naturally prone to more medical conditions…
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Antenatal Clinic FAQ

Antenatal Clinic FAQ

Our Antenatal Clinic is now open! Doctors Amanda Hipwell and Natasha Hill and the team are here to help both you and your baby stay healthy throughout pregnancy. Since the…
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Online Bookings NOW OPEN

We encourage you to have your annual flu shot as the flu vaccine changes yearly to keep up with the most common strains. Vaccination from mid-April onwards will likely result in peak immunity during the flu season.

Note: > 65 yrs flu vax has been restocked!

Flu vaccines are also free for:

●       Pregnant women (a flu vaccine can be safely given at any stage of pregnancy)

●       Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 6 months and older

●       Patients with chronic conditions or are severely immuno-compromised

Please call us on 4861 3855 for more information or to book in your flu vaccine if this is you.

For more information about the flu vaccine, please visit